Healthcare Costs Projected to Grow in 2022

Healthcare Costs Projected to Grow in 2022

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A June 2021 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report found that healthcare costs have been on a steady decline for the past decade, but trailing effects from the COVID-19 pandemic could cause increases above anticipated rates over the next several years.

In 2007, the annual cost growth for healthcare spending was 11.9% and declined steadily until 2017, where it floated between 5.5% and 6.0% until 2020. However, projected healthcare cost growth for 2022 is expected to reach 6.5% due to factors such as deferred or forgone care, increased mental health issues, preparation for future pandemics, and investment in digital tools. (Read more...)

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Major Issues Facing Healthcare in 2021?

Here are the major issues facing healthcare according to PwC

Will a health system battered by the pandemic emerge stronger in the year ahead? The annual report predicts challenges such as profitably merging virtual and in-person care, and capitalizing on new consumer- and clinician-facing digital health tools.

The far future of healthcare - FOHS Plenary 2 report - The ...


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Healthcare’s Start-Up Businesses and New Entrants

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Who Will be Healthcare’s

[By PwC Health Research Institute]

New entrants are already having an impact

Abundant opportunity in the expanding health sector is attracting new players from far afield, from Fortune 50 retailers and telecom companies to fledgling startups backed by venture capital.

These new entrants, like health, wellness and fitness, are moving fast with fresh ideas about how to satisfy consumers’ appetites for better health and more convenient, affordable, high-quality care.




New Business Models

Consumers are ready to abandon traditional modes of care for new ones, suggesting billions in healthcare revenue are up for grabs now. Non-traditional players are creating these new modes of care – from home diagnostic kits that snap into smartphones to online services that can triage and prescribe treatments based on computer algorithms.

They are competing to be the Netflix, or Apple of the US health sector, all disruptors that transformed industries.

The Wellness and Fitness Sector


wellness market




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