What is the “Good-Rx” Business Model?

By Anonymous

Good Rx makes money by perpetuating the, artificially set, high sticker prices of medications and receiving a portion of Pharmacy Benefits Manager [PBM] fees.

How it Works

GoodRx taps into PBM network for their “discounts” off of sticker price (e.g. Express Scripts, Optum Rx, Navitus … etc)

Consumer pays the newly “discounted” drug price.

Pharmacy pays PBM fee.

PBM pays GoodRx portion of the fee.

Good Rx adjusted EBITDA in 2019: $160 Million

Good Rx 2020 revenue is up 48% first half of 2020 – $257M

IPO: https://mobile-reuters-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN24Y0N6


This is not market value.

This is another hand in the cookie jar keeping healthcare prices artificially high.

The consumer is the one ultimately harmed.


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On PBM Business Practices

Unfair -OR- Not?

[By staff reporters]

PBMs, like Prime Theraputics, Optum, CVS/Caremark, Walgreens/prime Mail and Express Scripts, Bring no value but huge expense to pharmaceutical medication prices.

The Trump administration and Congress must repeal the GPO and PBM safe harbor that allows them to extort pharmaceutical manufacturers to the tune of $200 billion a year.




Your thoughts are appreciated.

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On Rx Patient Non-Adherence

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A Picture of Poor Health and Opportunity for Retail Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefits Managers [PBMs] 







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