On PBM Business Practices

Unfair -OR- Not?

[By staff reporters]

PBMs, like Prime Theraputics, Optum, CVS/Caremark, Walgreens/prime Mail and Express Scripts, Bring no value but huge expense to pharmaceutical medication prices.

The Trump administration and Congress must repeal the GPO and PBM safe harbor that allows them to extort pharmaceutical manufacturers to the tune of $200 billion a year.




Your thoughts are appreciated.

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One Response

  1. PBMs

    PBMs have GOVT protection from kickback laws. The McCarron Ferguson Act Indemnifies Heath insurance companies from monopoly and collusion. Their main shield is safe harbor protection from rebates classified as illegal kickbacks under the Stark anti-kickback regulations. Rebates are a text-book example of kickbacks!

    Dr. Green MD


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