Asking questions others won’t

About Digital X-ray Manipulation!

[By Darrell K. Pruitt DDS]

Today, I shared a video which revealed how images produced by Computerized Axial Tomography [CAT] scanners can be imperceptibly manipulated for nefarious purposes.

Kinda like so-called “Photo-Shopping”

 Injecting and Removing Cancer from CT Scans

While this scary article is on my mind, I will ask a taboo question which will make me even less popular with most dentists: Can images of digital dental radiographs be manipulated to fool insurers into paying for unnecessary treatment?

If so, is there a technical solution capable of protecting the public from unnecessary dentistry based on doctored images? As harsh as it sounds, if it is possible to photoshop digital radiographs, it would be foolish to assume it is not being done.



Injecting and Removing Cancer from CT Scans


There. I said it. Your thoughts are appreciated.


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