WORKPLACE SAFETY: 10 Rules and Guidelines


By Staff Reporters



Workplace safety is no joke. Slips and trips can lead to a hospital visit—though at least it’s a quick commute for healthcare workers in states with high rates of workplace injuries. In fact, Maine, Oregon, and Vermont had the highest rates of nonfatal workplace accidents and injuries, according to an analysis shared with Healthcare Brew via email of 2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by High Rise Financial, a pre-settlement legal funding company.

What do these states also have in common? According to HealthcareBrew, nursing, ranked within the top 10 most popular professions in each state.

Maine had the highest rate of workplace accidents: 4.7 out of every 100 full-time workers in the state were involved in a nonfatal workplace accident in 2021, High Rise Financial found. That is 67.9% higher than the country’s yearly average. In 2021, 30,270 of the 592,000 registered employees in Maine were home healthcare workers or registered nurses. MaineHealth was the state’s largest private employer in 2021 with approximately 20,500 employees, per the Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information. But the state’s high accident rate isn’t a failure—it suggests that Maine workers are reporting accidents and injuries before they become more serious and require workers’ compensation, Maine Public Radio reported. The most recent data from 2011 shows that workers’ compensation losses cost hospitals nationwide $2 billion, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found.


If tedious workplace safety rules sound like a pain, try having an accident. “Slips, trips, and falls,” especially without a wet floor warning sign, are the top causes of workplace accidents that are eligible for pre-settlement funding, according to the High Rise Financial analysis. Even a small slip could lead to a back injury, a broken bone, or a concussion—no banana peel needed.

It’s not all doom and gloom: The CDC has generously curated a list of songs with workplace safety and health themes to liven up your nine-to-five. Just be sure to wear nonslip shoes if you feel like dancing.


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