PODCAST: Employee Health Plan MISALIGNMENT with Fee-for-Service Medicine

Current Partners Not Aligned With PLAN Goals

Dr. Boram (Kim) Park, MD - Dallas, TX | Internal Medicine


Employee Health Plans Have Have a MISALIGNMENT Problem with the Current Fee-for-Service Healthcare System…i.e. Their Current Partners Are Not Aligned With Their Goals


Health Insurance Carriers Are Misaligned by Owning PBMs That Make More Money in Rebate Kick-Backs When the Employee Health Plan Spends More Money on Expensive Prescription Drugs.

Doctors Are Misaligned When They *Are Employed by Hospitals That Tie Test and Procedure Ordering Volume to Doctor Compensation.

Hospitals are Misaligned When They Buy Physician Practices and Raise the Prices for In-Office Testing and Procedures by 300%… Even Though NOTHING Has Changed Other Than the Sign on the Door.

Accordingly, True Employee Health Plan Innovation is ALIGNMENT Innovation That Provides Care Outside the of the Status Quo Fee-for-Service System.

Onsite Clinics, Near Site Clinics, Direct Primary Care and Capitated Virtual Care All Provide Real Alignment Innovation for Employee Health Plans.

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