Wither DROP-IN Group Medical Appointments?


By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP®

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DIGMAs (Drop-In Group Medical Appointments) are medical office appointments with a patient’s physician that take place in a supportive group setting. The model, developed in 1996 by Kaiser Permanente psychologist Dr. Ed Noffsinger, is a combination of an extended medical appointment with the patient’s own physician and effective group learning and support.

The group consists of the physician, a behavioral health professional, and patients from the physician’s panel. DIGMAs are best suited for routine appointments. Unfortunately, the nascent concept was met with mockery and great derision after the PP-ACA era.

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Today, after the pandemic and with the rise of tel-health and tele-medicine, Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), also known as Group Medical Visits [GMVs], are again a growing topic of discussion among providers and health economists, looking for ways to increase access to care and improve efficiency. The group visit format is also getting more attention in recent years as a strategy to add value for the patient. They typically involve up to a dozen patients or so and offer various efficiencies as well as benefits of shared discussion and experiences.


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Behavioral Changes

Moreover, physicians and medical providers know that simply telling patients what to do often does not improve their health. The basic premise of DIGMAs, SMAs and GMVs is to build more patient engagement and inspire lasting behavior change by offering patients the opportunity to share their personal experiences not only with their provider but also with other patients dealing with similar issues.

NEWER REALITY: https://www.hqontario.ca/Portals/0/Documents/qi/learningcommunity/Roadmap%20Resources/Advanced%20Access%20and%20Efficiency/Step%205/pc-nha-group-medical-appointments-manual-en.pdf#:~:text=DIGMAs%20%28Drop-In%20Group%20Medical%20Appointments%29%20are%20medical%20appointments,that%20take%20place%20in%20a%20supportive%20group%20setting.

BILLING: https://www.aafp.org/family-physician/practice-and-career/getting-paid/coding/group-visits.html

QUERY: Might this be an approach for tele-health visits as well as rural healthcare, etc.

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“Healthcare Finance News” interviews Dr. DE Marcinko [ME-P Editor-in-Chief]

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Key strategies for hospital pension fund managers

Professor Hope Hetico

By Hope R. Hetico RN MHA

[Managing Editor]

Recently, Mr. John Andrews, Contributing Editor of the well known industry publication Healthcare Finance News in Chicago, caught up with our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief … Dave Marcinko.

He was asked the following questions which focused on best industry practices and looked at the overall pension situation for hospitals and health systems in the US.


  • How prevalent are pensions for hospital workers and how does it compare to the economy at large?
  • Are more hospitals going to a 401(k) benefit system?
  • Is there someone within hospital HR managing the pension funds or do they typically contract with outside firms?
  • What are the key tenets to investing for a hospital pension fund? How much risk should be assumed compared to more conservative investments? How do you strike a balance between growth and capital preservation?
  • In general, how well do hospitals understand their fiduciary responsibilities? How involved should the Board of Directors be in the process?
  • Do you recommend a defined contribution and defined benefit plan? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • Are there certain industries that are more attractive than others for investment? Is it kosher for a healthcare pension fund to invest in healthcare-related interests?
  • and much more!


Of course, any interview with David is a free-for-all with topics and discussions all over the place; so enjoy the [electronic] show.

Health 2.0 hospital


Pension funds linger, even make comeback, among healthcare providers

“While not as prevalent as they once were, healthcare pension plans still represent a significant fiduciary obligation” – Dr. DE Marcinko, iMBA Inc., Atlanta, GA

Healthcare Finance News


It is part of what healthcare economist Dr. David Marcinko MBA calls “a sea change that has occurred over the past decade” in terms of pension displacement.

NOTE: This inteview was prompted by the release of our newest textbook: COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL PLANNING STRATEGIES FOR DOCTORS AND ADVISORS [Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™].

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It is the only multi-contributor major text that was written by doctors; for doctors and about doctors from a peer-reviewed and fiduciary perspective. It is already redacted in medical school libraries throughout the country.

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Q: Do you remember those days last summer when the Dow went down 400 points one day and then it went up 400 points the next day, before it went down another 400 points the following day?

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Well – if you do – what did you, or your clients do about it? Did you invest more, stay put, bail out or something else? Go granular on us and your fellow ME-P readers, subscribers and lurkers.


Please tell us who you are, what you did during the “flash-crash” a few years ago, or last summer’s mini-meltdown, and how it turned out in hindsight?


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