PODCAST: Healthcare Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

PODCAST ON UnitedHeathcare Group Annual Report

Dr. Eric R. Bricker, Internist in Dallas, TX | US News Doctors

By Eric Bricker MD

An Annual Report from UnitedHealth Group Says United is Going Drive Growth by Using AI and Machine Learning to 1) Help High Risk Patients, 2) Assist Patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases, 3) Partner with Providers and 4) Be More Patient-Centric.

Some More Concrete Examples of How AI and Machine Learning Can Be Used in Healthcare and Health Insurance Are:

1) Better Underwriting of Risk

2) More Highly Focused Prior Authorization

3) Cherry-Pick the Individual Health Insurance Market

However, the Execution of AI’s and Machine Learning’s Finding Requires Human Behavior Modification–an Almost Impossible Task for Any Insurance Carrier to Accomplish Because of Their Low Credibility with Patients, Doctors and Nurses. Without Credibility and Trust, All the AI and Machine Learning in the World Will NOT Change People’s Behavior.

PODCAST LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9knoA30sD4

Disclaimer: Dr. Bricker is the founder of Texas Family Insurance – an independent insurance agent that sells Oscar Health.

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Waived Co-Pays for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

Waived Co-Pays for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

By Jessica M. Wade, MHA, Practice Manager

Just to clarify, the UHC copay waiver info is listed  clearly on the UHC website as follows:
“Members will have a $0 copay for covered primary care provider (PCP) and specialist physician services, as well as other covered services (listed below) between May 11, 2020 until September 30, 2020″. By lowering our PCP and specialist copays to $0, along with our telehealth cost-share waiver, we hope to help make it easier for you to access care”

Services included

The following services, if covered by your plan, are eligible for a $0 copay under the cost-share waiver, but do not include diagnostic tests and certain other services.

• Primary care provider (PCP) office visits
• Specialist physician office visits
• Physician assistant or nurse practitioner office visits
• Medicare-covered chiropractic and acupuncture services
• Medical and Podiatry services and routine eye and hearing exams
• Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
• Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services
• Outpatient mental health and substance abuse visits
• Opioid treatment services

The $0 copay applies to services from a network provider and out-of-network services covered by the plan. Member cost-share is not waived for the
following services, unless they are related to COVID-19 testing or treatments:

• Lab and Diagnostic tests (radiological and non-radiological)
• Part B and Part D drugs
• Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies
• Renal Dialysis
• Other services not covered by your plan

Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for services in the following settings are not waived. Members will be responsible for their share of the cost under their benefit:• Inpatient hospital and Outpatient surgery or observation services.

• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• Emergency, Urgent and Ambulance services

Source: https://www.uhc.com/health-and-wellness/health-topics/covid-19/coverage-and-resources/cost-sharing-waived

Furthermore, reimbursement is based on the Medicare fee schedule as these plans waiving copay are Medicare Advantage plans and subject
to Medicare guidelines and reimbursement models.



Journal of the American Dental Association [Letter to the Editor]

ADA Image Tarnished?

[By Darrell K. Pruitt; DDSpruitt]

Dear Editor,  

This is a sincere letter which I am sure you will agree should be published in the October 2009 edition of the JADA. Today is July 19, 2009. I am allowing for the six weeks minimum time it requires for letters to appear in print following their selection for publication. It will be posted on the Internet immediately. In spite of this, I trust you will eventually agree to publish it in spite of your archaic rules. Otherwise, by November, history could show that the editor of the JADA arguably denied representation of dental patients’ interests at a most critical time in the history of the profession. That would be regrettable for your own professional reputation as well as for the JADA’s. As an ADA member, if my concerns are ignored, I will hold you publicly accountable for an explanation for a long time.

Public Laundry

From now on, we will agree to wash our laundry in public because otherwise it doesn’t always come clean. You can call the pressure I bring unprofessional if you want, but following the ADA News’ public exhibition of their shoddy ethics this week, it would be foolish to use my methods as an excuse to deny my access to membership. As I am certain you are aware, there were three revisions of “ADA/idm to phase out service” on ADA News Online (7/10, 7/13 and 7/16). I not only welcome a wide-open public discussion about ethics in journalism with representatives of the JADA, but I encourage it. We both know that the ADA needs clean laundry now more than ever before in its history.

ADA Business Enterprises, Inc.

For members who haven’t heard, the 2 ½ year old joint venture of our ADA Business Enterprises, Inc. (ADABEI) with Intelligent Dental Marketing – a Utah-based private business – fell apart in late spring of this year. Months later, our ADA leaders are still less than transparent with membership about what went wrong. I’ve been in business long enough to know that if mistakes by employees are not revealed and discussed, they are bound to happen again and again. And, it’s not like the leaders of the ADA were not warned. They just didn’t take heed. By late 2007, many knowledgeable people involved in the dental industry easily recognized the faults in the partnership between our non-profit professional organization and a for-profit Utah advertising company. In hindsight, anyone can see that ADA/IDM’s slogan, “Image is everything,” clearly betrays an attitude inconsistent with both the mission of the ADA and the Hippocratic Oath. Nevertheless, even the spirit of the slogan was regretfully adopted by the leaders of the ADA’s Business Enterprises, Inc. Now it is the image of the entire ADA that is suffering the damage.


I personally began questioning the accountability of the tricky ADA/IDM business model over two years ago when the profits from ADABEI had officials excited about avoiding the need to raise membership dues last year. Not unexpectedly, in the atmosphere of euphoria, nobody in Chicago wanted to acknowledge the concerns of a handful of alert members. We were cast aside as troublemakers. So how critical is the risk? With massive, unprecedented health care legislation imminent, this is the worst time imaginable for our stoic, image-conscious officers to lead us to nation-wide embarrassment.

Following the Money

The surrender to such temptations for leaders of non-profit organizations is not unprecedented. Do you know why the dues for the American Association of Retired People (AARP) have been kept so low? Not unlike the ADA, the non-profit AARP reaps profits from insurance policies and other products that its leaders sell to membership – even using misleading ads in AARP dues-supported publications. However, unlike dues money, vendor “kickbacks” don’t depend on accountability to members. A few years ago, the profits derived from agreements with vendors predictably became the lifeblood for AARP’s self-perpetuating bureaucracy – eventually influencing their lobbying efforts. Since non-profits like the AARP and the ADA are traditionally respected by lawmakers who like huge campaign donations, a non-profit entity’s lobbyists can be tempted to quietly represent vendors’ interests at members’ expense. Sometimes they get caught.

Lost Confidence

Almost a year ago, the AARP lost valuable member confidence when the organization was forced to suspend sales of “limited benefit” health plans backed by UnitedHealth Group (of Ingenix fame). Sen. Chuck Grassley said the plans which leave policyholders vulnerable to tens of thousands of dollars in costs were sold by the AARP to naïve and trusting members using misleading marketing tricks – not unlike those used in the ADA’s promotion of ADA/IDM. Sen. Grassley sent a detailed letter to CEO Bill Novelli demanding answers to questions about health insurance plans promoted to over a million dues-paying AARP members. Grassley told USA Today reporter Julie Appleby that “Insurance is supposed to limit your exposure to the potentially high cost of a serious illness and these plans do the opposite.” (Nov 7 2008).


Is AARP-level accountability as good as it gets?

I say no. Attention ADA members – It is my opinion that our leaders are losing the control of our professional organization. The recent failure of ADA/IDM isn’t the first glaring sign of trouble in Headquarters. Over a year ago, the executive director, Dr. James Bramson, was suddenly fired with no explanation. In fact, then President Dr. Mark Feldman commanded that the reasons for the firing will not be disclosed. Obediently, ADA leaders have so far maintained firm control of the top secret information which if released could somehow endanger dental patients (?). Because Bramson’s severance pay came from my dues and not out of Dr. Feldman’s pocket, I think I deserve to know more details. Otherwise, this mistake could happen again and again.

The ADA/IDM disaster is also not the only ADABEI embarrassment I see on the horizon. It is my opinion that CareCredit is also showing signs of silent desperation. On July 9, the officials of the wholly-owned ADA subsidiary purchased an ad on dentalblogs.com titled “Press Release: CareCredit Adds 24-Month, No-Interest [sic] Payment Plan” (no byline).


Even though I approve of the benevolence in the idea of extending credit to those with worsening dental problems – especially during these hard financial times for patients – the anonymous CareCredit (ADA) representative who posted the ad failed to respond to my timely and important question: “If the Red Flags Rule is not delayed for the third time in three weeks, how will it affect those who offer Care Credit?”


Nor did he or she respond to my follow up response on July 13. “On July 9 at 4:54 pm, I submitted a sincere question concerning how the Red Flags Rules will affect ADA members who sign up for CareCredit. Instead of posting it with the promise of an answer, you regretfully chose to censor an ADA member. Today, July 13, I have a second and third question: Why did you ignore my first one and who is your boss?”


So far, I’m still waiting for responses to all three questions. I trust you will treat my concerns with more respect, Editor.


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