Wither DROP-IN Group Medical Appointments?


By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP®

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DIGMAs (Drop-In Group Medical Appointments) are medical office appointments with a patient’s physician that take place in a supportive group setting. The model, developed in 1996 by Kaiser Permanente psychologist Dr. Ed Noffsinger, is a combination of an extended medical appointment with the patient’s own physician and effective group learning and support.

The group consists of the physician, a behavioral health professional, and patients from the physician’s panel. DIGMAs are best suited for routine appointments. Unfortunately, the nascent concept was met with mockery and great derision after the PP-ACA era.

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Today, after the pandemic and with the rise of tel-health and tele-medicine, Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), also known as Group Medical Visits [GMVs], are again a growing topic of discussion among providers and health economists, looking for ways to increase access to care and improve efficiency. The group visit format is also getting more attention in recent years as a strategy to add value for the patient. They typically involve up to a dozen patients or so and offer various efficiencies as well as benefits of shared discussion and experiences.


Behavioral Changes

Moreover, physicians and medical providers know that simply telling patients what to do often does not improve their health. The basic premise of DIGMAs, SMAs and GMVs is to build more patient engagement and inspire lasting behavior change by offering patients the opportunity to share their personal experiences not only with their provider but also with other patients dealing with similar issues.

NEWER REALITY: https://www.hqontario.ca/Portals/0/Documents/qi/learningcommunity/Roadmap%20Resources/Advanced%20Access%20and%20Efficiency/Step%205/pc-nha-group-medical-appointments-manual-en.pdf#:~:text=DIGMAs%20%28Drop-In%20Group%20Medical%20Appointments%29%20are%20medical%20appointments,that%20take%20place%20in%20a%20supportive%20group%20setting.

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QUERY: Might this be an approach for tele-health visits as well as rural healthcare, etc.

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What is the “Doppler” Effect?

How does it work?

[By staff reporters]


The Doppler effect (or Doppler shift) is the change in frequency of a wave (or other periodic event) for an observer moving relative to its source. It is named after the Austrian physicist Christian Doppler, who proposed it in 1842 in Prague. It is commonly heard when a vehicle sounding a siren or horn approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer.

An animation illustrating how the Doppler effect causes a car engine or siren to sound higher in pitch when it is approaching than when it is receding. The pink circles represent sound waves.

Passing car horn

Wikipedia: The reason for the Doppler effect is that when the source of the waves is moving towards the observer, each successive wave crest is emitted from a position closer to the observer than the crest of the previous wave. Therefore, each wave takes slightly less time to reach the observer than the previous wave. Hence, the time between the arrivals of successive wave crests at the observer is reduced, causing an increase in the frequency. While they are traveling, the distance between successive wave fronts is reduced, so the waves “bunch together”. Conversely, if the source of waves is moving away from the observer, each wave is emitted from a position farther from the observer than the previous wave, so the arrival time between successive waves is increased, reducing the frequency. The distance between successive wave fronts is then increased, so the waves “spread out”.

For waves that propagate in a medium, such as sound waves, the velocity of the observer and of the source are relative to the medium in which the waves are transmitted. The total Doppler effect may therefore result from motion of the source, motion of the observer, or motion of the medium. Each of these effects is analyzed separately. For waves which do not require a medium, such as light or gravity in general relativity, only the relative difference in velocity between the observer and the source needs to be considered.


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COVID: US Public Health Emergency Extended

By Staff Reporters



The US will extend its Covid public health emergency through the spring of 2023 in anticipation of another winter surge.

The emergency, first issued in January 2020, broadens eligibility for both Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the government estimates that ~15 million people will lose their benefits from those programs once it ends.



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What Doctors Must Do to File an AETNA® Medical Claim to Get Paid?


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