FAs & CPAs Wanted -BUT- Certified Medical Planners® Needed?



Career Development, Products and Services for Medical Specificity

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”

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FINANCIAL ADVISER WANTED: New York’s Belfer family, which gained riches from oil, is racking up quite an investing losing streak. They lost billions in Enron’s collapse and were clients of Bernie Madoff, and now it’s come to light that they were shareholders in FTX.


CPAs WANTED: Just as tax season kicks off, US firms are facing a national shortage of accountants, forcing them to look overseas for workers to look over your W-2. More than 300k accountants and auditors have quit in the last two years, per the WSJ.


CMPs NEEDED: The Certified Medical Planner® program was created in response to the frustration felt by doctors in small and mid-sized practices that dealt with top financial, brokerage and accounting firms. These non-fiduciary behemoths often prescribed costly wholesale solutions that were applicable to all, but customized to few, despite ever changing needs.

Enter the CMPs

Learn why brokerage sales-pitches and/or internet resources will never replace the knowledge and deep advice of a collegial Certified Medical Planner® professional.

Letterhead CMP



Thank You


ORDER: https://www.routledge.com/Comprehensive-Financial-Planning-Strategies-for-Doctors-and-Advisors-Best/Marcinko-Hetico/p/book/9781482240283


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