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Biden versus Palin

[By Staff Reporters]

Enter the PFCD

The “Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease” recently entered the political arena when it expressed disappointment at last week’s vice-presidential debate; saying Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin did not address one of the nation’s most pressing economic issues; the rising cost of healthcare.

The Next Financial Casualty?

Earlier this week, former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson held a conference call to discuss why healthcare could be what they called “the next financial casualty” in the current economic crisis.


The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease is a national coalition of patients, providers, and community organizations dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of chronic disease in the US. So, is the PFCD correct on this point; did the VP candidates abrogate this issue? Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.


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3 Responses

  1. Palin versus Biden

    In none of the debates or presentations has there been a discussion to decrease the cost of health care. All presentations have been in shifting the cost from one organization to another. There are two components to health care today that do not aid in the delivery of health care, lawyers and the insurance industry.

    Tort reform must be a priority as if affects all aspects of our lives with no beneficial aspects. The insurance industry needs to be regulated by the federal government if in the brokerage of health care; or completely removed. Only after these two items are addressed can one actually begin to address health care costs.

    Dr. Philip McKinney


  2. ADA Transparency

    I demand transparency from the ADA. I (or anyone) can do that these days, you know.

    I submitted the following comment to a website associated with the San Antonio Express-News called my SA health.


    Dr. Mark Feldman, the ADA President for the past year, was interviewed by Don Finley for the Express-News. Comments were invited following the article, and someone who calls him or herself “nyscoff” beat me to the first comment. That is why you see me sweep her aside before I take on Dr. Feldman.

    Did you know that in his installation address to the ADA House of Delegates on October 2, 2007 Dr. Feldman actually said that we may have to “redefine common sense”?


    If Dr. Feldman will cooperate, we may just get a long-awaited peak at his ambitious plans for all of us.

    Darrell K. Pruitt; DDS


    Whoa there, nyscoff, if that is your real name.

    Goodness! That is quite a heap of dung you’ve collected, nyscoff. Is that why you hide? I think your shyness is because you simply lack the confidence it takes to invest your real name into your ideas. After skip reading your cheap comment, I find it easy to confirm that your fear is justified. You hold no value in what you write, so why should we? Forget about you, Myrtle.

    There is a far better use for this impromptu forum. In fact, this could become an unprecedented open conversation directly with the leaders of the American Dental Association. Dr. Mark Feldman sounds like he hopes that dentistry is given proper consideration in the new administration (it is far too late for the election). I say that if he wishes to better serve dentistry, he must meet consumers half-way, and why not here and now? Leaders can no longer hold themselves apart from Internet conversation where spin falls flat. Let us hope that he will respond to my invitation soon. What a milestone that would be for dentistry – An ADA President who is not afraid to talk with anyone about the direction of the profession. Like signing one’s real name, it shows investment in one’s character. I can think of no better way to prove that you are a sincere person, Dr. Feldman.

    Here is my question for you: How will electronic health records improve dental care in the US? Hardly anyone, including dentists, knows of the benefits of digital records in dentistry.

    My follow-up question is on everyone’s mind, especially with the economy in a tailspin: How much do you expect electronic dental records to decrease dental fees? Let us not forget that lowering the cost, while at the same time, increasing quality, is the entire purpose of healthcare reform.

    Please reply, Dr. Feldman. Join me in celebrating unprecedented transparency in dentistry. As you can see from Myrtle’s comment, institutional, committee-approved silence has never worked well as a PR tool. Let’s you and I open up with each other and clear things up right now in front of everyone. The future of dentistry depends on your courage. Your move.


    I wish to thank the San Antonio Express News for hosting this forum. I actually graduated from dental school in San Antonio in 1982, and have fond memories of the city. I was sorry to hear that Dr. Earl Feldman (no relation) recently died. He was one of my favorite prosthodontics instructors. I know he will be missed.

    Darrell K. Pruitt; DDS
    Fort Worth, Texas


  3. Your Surgeon Is Probably a Republican – Your Psychiatrist Probably a Democrat

    New data show distinct political leanings in many medical specialties. Over all, the field is becoming more Democratic.


    Trump vs. Hillary’s impact on physicians

    With less than a month to go until Election Day, the candidates are working overtime to convince the American public that they are the best for the job. But who is best for physicians?



    Dr. David Marcinko MBA

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