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New Search Engine for Medical Images

By Jason Morrow

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OmniMedicalSearch.com today announced it has released a medical image search engine designed for patients, students, caregivers, and medical professionals.

“Nothing else brings clarity to a subject like images that illustrate the information people research,” OmniMedicalSearch.com founder Jason Morrow said. “Users from around the world will find this search tool incredibly useful.”

Alloyfish Ally

Developed by their long-time support ally, Alloyfish, the image search engine delivers relevant results with an index of 150,000 medical images from 125 different sources that were hand selected. A wide range of images from authoritative medical websites were sought out for the index. “We are going to grow that index and webmasters are invited to submit their medical website for consideration via our Suggest Images link,” Morrow added.

New Search Tool

This new search tool offered by OmniMedicalSearch joins a small handful of search engines focused on medical images. “Besides stock medical images being marketed, there hasn’t been a lot of development in this area,” Morrow said. “However, I think the need and demand has always been there and OMS is committed to providing our users valuable search tools they will come back to use again and again.”


There are no fees, registration or requirements of any kind to use OmniMedicalSearch.com


OmniMedicalSearch.com was founded in 2004 and centered on the premise of providing authoritative search results from reliable health and medical resources. It has since grown from a medical metasearch engine into a full search engine made possible through partnerships with Healthline.com, Google Custom Search, and their own proprietary search technology. OmniMedicalSearch offers six major search options which include: Medical Web, Health News, Forums, MedPro (medical professional level resources), health and medical Shopping Search, and now, a search engine for medical images. OmniMedicalSearch also offers a local directory for clinics and doctors, a reference desk of hard to find resource links, and a growing medical encyclopedia.


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