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TelescopeAccording to Richard Pizzi, of Healthcare Finance News; the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS] announced its approval of the first new hospital accreditation organization in more than 40 years.

About DNV Healthcare, Inc.

The decision allows DNV Healthcare Inc., a division of the Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas [DNV], to immediately begin determining if hospitals are in compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation [COP]. DNV joins the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations [JCAHO] and the American Osteopathic Association [AOA] as the only national hospital accrediting agency approved by CMS. The company’s authority to accredit hospitals runs through September 26, 2012.


According to DNV, its product – NIAHO – is the first CMS-approved accreditation program to integrate hospital accreditation with ISO 9001. It’s touted as a choice that allows innovation and propels continual improvement. The process is said to unleash a commitment to clinical excellence thru NIAHO accreditation.

According to the website: NIAHO is revolutionary and yet familiar to all healthcare organizations seeking to meet the Medicare Conditions of Participation, in this manner:

  • NIAHO is designed from the ground up to drive quality transformation into the core processes of running a hospital.
  • With NIAHO, healthcare organizations meet their national accreditation obligations and achieve ISO 9001 compliance in the same, seamless program.
  • Surveys are conducted annually.

National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations

As part of the CMS approval process, DNV’s accreditation program, National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations [NIAHO] was implemented in multiple hospitals across the country and demonstrated its effectiveness to domestic healthcare officials. To date, 22 US hospitals have been accredited by NIAHO, according to president, Yehuda Dror.


Why a new accrediting body for hospitals? Rising costs and increasing medical errors, of course! Clearly, quality isn’t the result of spending more money. Many believe it’s a result of core system effectiveness. In that regard, innovation is needed now, more than ever.


Your comments are appreciated. Is this an example of greater healthcare competition and transparency; or just more bureaucracy?

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