Patient Focused Health Care 2.0

An Emerging Competitive Trend

Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™


One emerging competitive trend in medicine today is patient-focused healthcare. This concept focuses on patient needs and attempts to humanize patient care.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach

According to Professor Gregory O. Ginn; PhD, MBA, CPA of the UNLV department of healthcare administration, patient focused health care [PFHC] 2.0 is protean and multidimensional, and therefore incorporates the following:

  • patient education;
  • active participation of the patient;
  • involvement of the family;
  • nutrition; art; and music, etc.


These issues are thought to improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, some think that patients will benefit from learning how to cope with healthcare processes before they enter into those processes and that this knowledge will result in better outcomes.


A case model example by Professor Ginn, as seen in, would be classes to prepare couples for childbirth.

“These classes teach prospective parents the different stages of labor and strategies for dealing with the challenges associated with each stage. They cover options for pain management such as breathing and relaxation techniques and/or analgesics. The classes also provide education about clinical options such as induced labor and caesarian sections, and they cover practical issues such as what to wear and what kind of car seat to buy to transport the newborn home.”

Other Trends

According to the October 2008 issue of Managed Healthcare Executive, other emerging competitive healthcare trends include:

  • Consumer engage care choices,
  • Payment reform,
  • Industry quality and economic benchmarks,
  • Medical home models,
  • Evidence-based medicine,
  • Disease Management, and
  • Comparative effectiveness studies.


PFHC 2.0, medical and health education is enormously beneficial in reducing stress and improving the decision-making ability of patients who are involved in healthcare processes. Related disease management [DM] examples include: asthma, diabetes, hypertension, CHF, COPD, CAD, obesity, arthritis and a host of others.  


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