ADA “Transparency” in Health IT [Part II]

It all Depends on the Meaning of the Word  

[See Part I]:

By Darrell K. Pruitt; DDS

“If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky

“The Insulted and Humiliated” – 1861

A few days ago, San Antonio Express-News reporter Don Finley interviewed outgoing American Dental Association president Dr. Mark Feldman about the future of dentistry.  Dr. Feldman lamented that the US presidential candidates have yet to mention dentists in their plans for healthcare.  In fact, the title of the article is “Group wants dental health to be part of candidates’ talk.”

ADA Plea’s “Not Reassuring”

As a dentist with an intense interest in maintaining complete control of the way I choose to practice dentistry, I have to say that Dr. Feldman’s groveling plea for attention was not reassuring. Others, including opportunists who would take advantage of my dental patients, are also watching.  Those who are paying attention easily catch on to hints of weakness as well. 

For example, Dr. Feldman must not have impressed San Antonio very much because immediately following the Express-News article, someone allowed two anonymous and very bitter people who hate dentists to post their comments, while rejecting at least three Texas dentists’ comments defending the profession.  Anyone can see that the San Antonio Express-News openly scorns Dr. Mark Feldman and the ADA.

Not Defending the Dental Brand  

It is no secret that the ADA never defends itself on the Internet. Time and again I proved that such negligence in protecting one’s brand creates a huge vulnerability. The pitiful part about low self-esteem is that those who work for the candidates also pick up on the weakness of our organization and see no political traction in concerning themselves with our patients’ interests. 

Sadly, the once reliable respect does not look forthcoming for Dr. John Findley either. Nobody in the media noticed his arrival as president, so the ADA had to spend money to purchase a press release.


Effective public relations on the Internet cannot be purchased, and defense of the ADA is hobbled by its obsolete command-and-control business model – an early example of a fat, slow-moving dinosaur facing the challenges of evolution in a transparent marketplace.


To me, the press release seems pitiful. We can do better. We must do better. Our patients are depending on us. We are the only ones who care for them. Your thoughts are appreciated; please opine and comment.

Publisher’s Comment:

Now, after reading this two part series, is there no one here to rid of us of this meddlesome dentist; or is he correct?

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