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The Business of Medical Practice [3rd Edition]

By Hope Rachel Hetico RN, MHA, CMP™

[Managing Editor]biz-book5

Dear Colleagues and ME-P Champions

As you may know, we are commencing work on the third edition of our best selling book: The Business of Medical Practice

TOC 1st:

TOC 2nd:

Invitation to Contribute

Accordingly, we would be honored for you to consider contributing a new or revised chapter, in your area of expertise, for a low-effort but high-yield contribution. Our goal is to help physician colleagues and management executives benefit from nationally known experts, as an essential platform for their success in the healthcare industry. Many topics are still available: [health accounting; law, policy and administration; Medicare fraud and abuse; cloud computing; and finance and economics, etc].

Support Always Available

Editorial support is available, and you would enjoy increasing subject-matter notoriety, exposure and public relations in an erudite and credible fashion. As a reader, or preferably a subscriber to the ME-P, your synergy in this space may be ideal. Time line for submission of a 5,000-7,500 word chapter is ample, and in a prose writing style that is “wide, not deep.” 

A Health 2.0 Initiative

And, be sure to address health 2.0 modernity. Update chapters from the second edition are also available. 



Please contact me for more details [], if interested [770.448.0769]. A best selling-book is rare; while a third-edition volume even more so. Join us in this project. Regardless, we trust you will remain apostles of our core ME-P vision, “uniting medical mission and financial profit margin”, and promoting it whenever possible.

Front Matter Link: frontmatter1advancedbusinessmedicine

Channel Surfing the ME-P

Have you visited our other topic channels? Established to facilitate idea exchange and link our community together, the value of these topics is dependent upon your input. Please take a minute to visit. And, to prevent that annoying spam, we ask that you register. It is fast, free and secure.


Your thoughts and comments on this ME-P are appreciated. Feel free to review our top-left column, and top-right sidebar materials, links, URLs and related websites, too. Then, subscribe to the ME-P. It is fast, free and secure.

Speaker: If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Medical Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements. Contact:


Product Details

ME-P Marks Post Number One Thousand

Milestone Reached in Record Time

By Ann Miller; RN, MHA

[Executive Director]dave-and-hope2

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Dave Marcinko and Hope Hetico since the launch of this Medical Executive-Post; 18 months ago. To watch its growth, and the momentum of their efforts and passion to share protean knowledge on behalf of the profession, serves as a personal beacon for me. And, our target market; medical executives, financial advisors and related management consultants seems to agree.

1,000 Posts

When we launched this companion blog to our institutional, 2-volume, print journal, Healthcare Organization [Financial Management Strategies], the attainment of one thousand posts seemed a long way off. We were not even sure we would still be “in-business” today. We are, and with post number 1,010 – time sure does fly.

Definition of a Post

A post is a unit of knowledge. Think: knol. Our goal for each post is to offer industry essays, insider columnists, interviews, definitions, case models, expert opinions, news, gossip and investigative reportage and comments; all in a moderated business forum ecosystem. New-wave is good; so is professional expertise, as well as a short and pithy writing style; so is leading-edge and next-generation information with “fly.”


Dave and Hope deserve a huge Mazel-Tov as the ME-P marches on, connecting medical professionals, financial advisors and management consultants, nationally. Now, by my calculations:

1,000 post / 18 months = 55 post per month / 30 day / month = about 2 cognitive posts per day. Oh, by the way: we don’t include advertising or classified ads in our posting counts. And, let us not forget the support and efforts of our dedicated staff, as well.


The motto of the ME-P matches the philosophy of iMBA, Inc:

“Seeking Solutions and Providing Essential Economics Information for Physicians, Business Executives and Financial Leaders of the Healthcare Enterprise”


And so, to keep receiving the Medical Executive-Post, please place our widget on your blog, wiki or website; and be sure to actually subscribe today. We enjoy being delivered to your desktop, each day.


Speaker: If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements. Contact:  or Bio:

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