MEDICARE: “Dis” Advantage Plan Marketing

CMS Cracks Down on Medicare Advantage TV Marketing

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA



CMS is cracking down on deceptive marketing practices and will no longer allow Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug plans to advertise on television without agency approval first. The new policy is effective Jan. 1st and was discussed in an Oct. 19th memo from CMS to MA and Part D providers. The agency said it issued the new policy after reviewing thousands of beneficiary complaints regarding confusing, misleading or inaccurate information from plans — plan sponsors are also responsible for all marketing activities from brokers and third-party agencies.

“CMS has conducted so-called ‘secret shopping’ by calling numbers associated with television advertisements, mailings, newspaper advertisements and internet searches to monitor the experience beneficiaries have engaging these entities,” the agency wrote.

“Our secret shopping activities have discovered that some agents were not complying with current regulation and unduly pressuring beneficiaries, as well as failing to provide accurate or enough information to assist a beneficiary in making an informed enrollment decision.”

Source: Jakob Emerson, Becker’s Payer Issues [10/27/22]








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