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Enter the Certified Medical Planners™

By Ann Miller RN MHA


Life planning and behavioral finance, as proposed by physicians and financial advisors, and as integrated by the Institute of Medical Business Advisors (iMBA), emanates from a holistic union of personal financial planning and medical practice management solely for the healthcare space.


The CMP™ Difference

Unlike pure life planning, pure financial planning, or pure management theory, it is both a quantitative and qualitative “hard and soft” science. It has an ambitious economic, psychological and managerial niche value proposition never before proposed and codified, while still representing an evolving philosophy. Its’ zealous practitioners are called Certified Medical Planners (CMPs).


Health 2.0 focused physician baby boomers & modern Gen-X financial advisors can help transition you successfully through medical practice and life changing financial events by exchanging knowledge, experiences and inspiration with industry professionals and peers in the casual and friendly atmosphere of the ME-P. Join us today.



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