Is the Mutual Fund Company “Invesco” Dissing Podiatrists?

Attacking One of Us = Attacking all of Us

By Ann Miller RN MHA


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Dear ME-P Readers, Subscribers and Visitors,

As you know, here at the Medical Executive-Post, we champion all hard working, honest and ethical medical professionals, regardless of specialty or degree designation. From the ME-P corporate executive suite, to the mailroom, we appreciate their laborious ministrations under increasingly difficult cultural, political and financial conditions on behalf of the US citizenry.

And so, it was with much dismay when this new advertisement from the behemoth mutual fund company Invesco, headquartered right here in Atlanta GA, was brought to our attention. Rest assured. We are not amused and request your input!

You Input Requested

Do you agree with the Ad? Is it an attack on one medical specialty – or on all of us? Would your opinion differ if the ad mentioned a proctologist – or a dentist? How about a brain surgeon or a nurse? Is the dated impression of doctors being on the golf-course still accurate?

More importantly, does the ad affect your impression of Invesco as a contemporaneous company aware of the modern Health 2.0 culture, or a backward thinking dinosaur resting on its [glorious or in-glorious] past?

Is it Time to Close the Door on Invesco?

Are they Aware?

Do you think that the huge and costly marketing department at Invesco is is even aware that our iMBA Inc sponsored, and ME-P promoted textbooks and handbooks, dictionaries, white papers and CD-ROMs on investing, financial planning, insurance, and risk and wealth management for physicians, was largely written by medical professionals of all stripes? Many holding dual degrees and designations like MBA, CFP®, CMP™, JD, MHA, CFA, etc.


Or, that they have been used in [non-clinical] continuing education programs for medical professionals, for more than a decade?

Of course, this includes allopaths, osteopaths, podiatrists, nurses, physical therapists and other related members of the healthcare ecosystem? After all, it often takes a team to treat a poly-systemically ill patient.



Feel free to contact Invesco directly and tell em’ what you think about their new ad campaign [positive or negative]:

Inveso Client Services:

  • Calls within the United States 800.959.4246
  • Calls outside of the United States 713.626.1919 (Call Collect)

Hours of Service – Monday-Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm CST; subject to change due to NYSE holidays or early market closings.

Contact Link:

Industry Indignation Index: 65/100 [probably smelly]


Over the next few weeks we will aggregate your thoughts and may report back to you, and Invesco, about the results. Till then, be sure to also tell us what you think. right here? Feel free to review our top-left column, and top-right sidebar materials, links, URLs and related websites, too. Then, subscribe to the ME-P. It is fast, free and secure.


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