CELEBRATE: National Physician’s Week 2023

By Staff Reporters

SPONSOR: http://www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.org


This National Physicians Week, from March 25–31, we can show doctors we appreciate them as much as they deserve with creative gifts, simple notes, and appreciation posts online.

Doctors deal with years of school, grueling shifts, and emotionally difficult decisions, and still manage to care for us with focus and kindness. Physicians drastically improve the duration and quality of life for everyone, and throughout history have done their best to use cutting-edge science to care for others.

Physician appreciation is also symbolized by a red carnation, so be sure to bring one to your favorite doc this week!



Here Are the Top Ten Ways To Celebrate National Physicians Week in 2023:

  1. Send a doctor red carnation and/or gift of your choice to show appreciation.
  2. Host a Zoom or virtual celebration.
  3. Doctors can take the day off (If the schedule permits)
  4. Record and post a video to show gratitude for your doctor and physicians nationwide.
  5. Encourage others and spread the word about National Physicians Week on and offline.
  6. Write or share an article about National Physicians Week.
  7. Offer product or service discounts to doctors.
  8. Host an office party to celebrate staff physicians.
  9. Plan a happy hour or networking event for physicians and the community.
  10. Send red carnations and or/greeting cards.

READ: https://www.physiciansworkingtogether.org/national-physicians-week

LOCUM: https://www.locumjobsonline.com/blog/week-remember-showing-appreciation-doctors-physicians-week/


Thank You


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