UPDATE: SPACS, Markets and Covid-19 Fraud

By Staff Reporters



Chamath Palihapitiya, the billionaire investor who once claimed to be the next Warren Buffett, is winding down two of his special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and returning $1.5 billion to investors. It marks the symbolic end to the SPAC bubble that Palihapitiya is credited with instigating.


  • Markets: Investors pre-gamed the Fed’s big interest rate decision coming this afternoon by sending stocks lower and Treasury yields higher; they’re sweating what’s expected to be the central bank’s third 75-basis-point hike in a row to tamp down inflation. Speaking of inflation, Ford’s stock had its worst day in 11 years after warning of $1 billion in extra supplier costs.


Finally, the Justice Department charged 47 people for allegedly carrying out the single largest Covid relief fraud scheme to date. Feds say that by exploiting a program meant to feed needy Minnesota children, the defendants stole $250 million. Prosecutors say the fraud was committed by a network of individuals connected to the nonprofit Feeding Our Future and was overseen by the nonprofit’s founder, Aimee Bock. Feeding Our Future was one of a handful of organizations Minnesota trusted to oversee the distribution of meals to children in low-income families during the pandemic. Instead, prosecutors allege, the organization operated a “pay-to-play scheme” in which individuals submitted fake meal sites and children’s names, raking in government money with fraudulent invoices.


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