PODCAST: Why Bitcoin is a “Once-in-a-Species” Asset Class

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Jeff Ross, CIO of Vailshire Capital Management, discuss why bitcoin may just be that once-in-a-species asset class that saves the planet from economic and, yes, even environmental ruin.

This episode is loaded with so many great insights including:

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  • Why Jeff believes bitcoin’s investment risk has evaporated;
  • How bitcoin fits into Warren Buffet’s investment thesis;
  • Two characteristics bitcoin skeptics share: a lack of understanding and deep ties to the traditional banking system;
  • Why bitcoin is a dishonest politician’s worst nightmare;
  • Why every modern retirement portfolio should have bitcoin exposure;
  • Why regulatory scrutiny may be turning away from bitcoin and heading straight towards ethereum and altcoins;
  • How bitcoin could solve the world’s energy problems;
  • Why we may be nearing the end of the Keynesian economic experiment;
  • How bitcoin forces an honest unit of accounting by governments;
  • Why fiat is destined to self-destruct while bitcoin is designed to appreciate in time;
  • Whether bitcoin can reach a new all-time high by Jeff’s August 29th birthday and cross 100,000 by Dara’s December 24th birthday?

PODCAST: https://dwealthmuse.podbean.com/e/episode25bitcoinbulls/

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