NUCLEAR FUSION: New Energy Source?

By Staff Reporters


Researchers have reportedly made a breakthrough in the quest to unlock a “near-limitless, safe, clean” source of energy: they have got more energy out of a nuclear fusion reaction than they put in. Nuclear fusion involves smashing together light elements such as hydrogen to form heavier elements, releasing a huge burst of energy in the process.

Unlike nuclear fission, the energy reaction we currently use, fusion does not create radioactive waste, and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that it produces three to four times more energy.



Scientists had a nuclear breakthrough

The Department of Energy is expected to announce today that scientists at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory successfully produced a nuclear fusion reaction with a net energy gain (meaning it produced more energy than it used).

Scientists and governments have been trying to make that happen for decades because nuclear fusion, as opposed to the nuclear fission that current nuclear plants use, has the potential to create energy to power the world without producing carbon or radioactive waste. Still, it will be a long time before nuclear fusion becomes commercially viable as a source for energy.



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