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One of the greatest things about the virtual economy is the expanded opportunity for people to branch out on their own and create something using their own expertise. Related to this is the growing societal desire to have more free time and a more balanced, efficient life overall. 

In fact, years ago when I was in business school, I learned that during a recession when jobs were sparse – folks would either go back to school to re-engineer and re-educate OR start their own business.

Today – If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to be able to pivot when circumstances call for it. In the years ahead, there will be a premium on flexibility, portability, and improvisation; knowing how to earn income outside the traditional employer-employee relationship will continue to be an especially valuable skill. 


ASSESSMENT: So, if you are a physician, nurse, medical professional or financial advisor in the healthcare space, think about what you’re naturally good at (or at least interested in), and determine if there’s an opportunity to monetize it in some way on your own. Your career might thank you for it!

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  1. MBA

    Dr. Marcinko – You are so correct!

    While some of us dread heading back to the office, our business school friends can’t wait to exchange biz cards at cocktail parties. Several prestigious MBA programs, including Columbia, NYU, and Stanford, are scrapping their hybrid learning models and bringing students back to campus this fall, reports the WSJ.

    The backstory: MBA programs across the country shifted to remote learning when Covid hit last spring. But because Zoom U can’t replicate networking off the Dalmatian Coast, students sued universities and asked for their money back. Harvard refunded $5 million in MBA tuition after canceling its global immersion courses due to Covid.

    Kate Kirsch, an incoming Harvard MBA student, told the WSJ: “So much of the value of the MBA program is the people. Those spontaneous encounters are something that even the top-tier institutions cannot recreate virtually.”

    Big picture: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic (or maybe because of them?) applications to business schools rose 2.4% last year and demand is expected to stay strong for the next three-to-four years.



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