UPDATE: U.S. Budget Deficit, Emojis and the Marriage Penalty

By Staff Reporters



The U.S. budget deficit shrank 49% to $89 billion in June from $174 billion a year earlier, reflecting the end of Covid-relief spending and an increase in tax revenue. Specifically, government spending fell in June by 12% to $550 billion compared to $623 billion in the same month one year ago.

World Emoji Day on July 17th is a celebration of all emojis. Last year, the World Emoji Awards helped crown the Most Popular New Emoji, the Most Anticipated Emoji and the Most 2021 Emoji!

A report from the American Community Survey found, “A one-percentage point increase in the marriage penalty tax rate decreases the probability of marrying for females with children by 3.69 percentage points. For males, a one-point tax increase translates to a 0.21-point decline in the probability of marrying if they have kids and a 1.54-point decline if not.”



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