Health Consumption Expenditures Per Capita

By Staff Reporters


KFF: Health Consumption Expenditures Per Capita

 •  United States: $11,946
 •  Switzerland: $7,138
 •  Germany: $6,731
 •  Netherlands: $6,299
 •  Austria: $5,899
 •  Sweden: $5,754
 •  France: $5,564
 •  Belgium: $5,458
 •  Canada: $5,370
 •  United Kingdom: $5,268
 •  Australia: $4,919
 •  Japan: $4,691

Notes: U.S. value obtained from National Health Expenditure data. Data from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are from 2019. Data for Australia, France, and Japan are estimated. Data for Austria, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden are provisional. Health consumption does not include investments in structures, equipment, or research. Data for 2020 except as noted.
Source: KFF analysis of National Health Expenditure (NHE) and OECD data, January 21, 2022




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