PODCAST: Lessons for [physician] Investors: The Trial of Theranos Founder ELIZABETH HOLMES

By Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD

Wofür R&D Jahre benötigt, braucht künstliche Intelligenz wenige Minuten“

Elizabeth Holmes has no idea how much damage she has done with Theranos. As I often wrote, for digital technologies to gain ground and become part of our everyday lives, we need not only technological solutions but a cultural paradigm shift. Holmes rolled a massive rock in front of it.

Similarly, Facebook’s data privacy practices do not increase people’s confidence in the company’s products. All the scandals that have surrounded the social network could backfire when Facebook wants to step into healthcare – and this is exactly what we wrote about in our latest article, Is There A Place For Facebook In Healthcare? In it, we looked at what Facebook currently does in medicine and evaluated whether those are viable ways to follow in the future.

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Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD
The Medical Futurist


MORE: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/10/the-lessons-for-investors-from-the-trial-of-theranos-founder-elizabeth-holmes.html?utm_source=The+Medical+Futurist+Newsletter&utm_campaign=f5b0ff1b6b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_9_14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_efd6a3cd08-f5b0ff1b6b-399696053&mc_cid=f5b0ff1b6b&mc_eid=40fee31c25


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