PODCAST: Lessons for [physician] Investors: The Trial of Theranos Founder ELIZABETH HOLMES

By Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD

Wofür R&D Jahre benötigt, braucht künstliche Intelligenz wenige Minuten“

Elizabeth Holmes has no idea how much damage she has done with Theranos. As I often wrote, for digital technologies to gain ground and become part of our everyday lives, we need not only technological solutions but a cultural paradigm shift. Holmes rolled a massive rock in front of it.

Similarly, Facebook’s data privacy practices do not increase people’s confidence in the company’s products. All the scandals that have surrounded the social network could backfire when Facebook wants to step into healthcare – and this is exactly what we wrote about in our latest article, Is There A Place For Facebook In Healthcare? In it, we looked at what Facebook currently does in medicine and evaluated whether those are viable ways to follow in the future.

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Bertalan Meskó, MD PhD
The Medical Futurist


MORE: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/10/the-lessons-for-investors-from-the-trial-of-theranos-founder-elizabeth-holmes.html?utm_source=The+Medical+Futurist+Newsletter&utm_campaign=f5b0ff1b6b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_9_14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_efd6a3cd08-f5b0ff1b6b-399696053&mc_cid=f5b0ff1b6b&mc_eid=40fee31c25


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    Two months after being released from prison, notorious fraudster Martin Shkreli is back in the pharma business. Sort of.

    Shkreli, 39, who was released from prison in May after serving just over four years for securities fraud, announced in a press release Monday a new venture called “Druglike”—a decentralized computing network for early-stage drug discovery projects that Shkreli claimed would “disrupt the economics of the drug business.”

    In a press release, Shkreli said the company would “remove barriers to early-stage drug discovery, increase innovation and allow a broader group of contributors to share the rewards.”

    “Underserved and underfunded communities, such as those focused on rare diseases or in developing markets, will also benefit from access to these tools,” added the former drug exec, who is best known for inflating the price of a life-saving medication by 5,000 percent.

    Shkreli was banned from the pharmaceutical industry for life in January, after a federal court found him guilty of monopolistic behavior in hiking the price of the drug, Daraprim. He was also ordered to hand over $64.6 million of the profits he made in selling it.



  2. EH gets 11 years


    Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, Theranos’ former chief operating officer, was sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison. Balwani was found guilty of all charges in a trial earlier this year that charged him with defrauding the blood testing startup’s patients and investors.

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