PODCAST: How New Technologies Are Predictably Spread and How it Applies to Healthcare


[Book Review]


The Technology Adoption Lifecycle Was Explained in Geoffrey Moore’s Famous Book ‘Crossing the Chasm.

If You Are a Healthcare Entrepreneur or Innovator Your MUST Understand and Apply the Technology Adoption Lifecycle.

It States that Disruptive Innovation (i.e. Innovations that Require Behavior Change) Is Not Evenly Adopted Across a Population.

Rather, People Segment Themselves into Sub-Groups That Adopt the New Innovation Differently. To Whit:


Early Adopters Love Tinker and Like New Innovations Just Because They Are New. Early Adopters Tend to Not Be Price-Sensitive.

Pragmatists Have a Specific Problem that the New Innovation Will Solve and If They See Other People Using It, They Will Use It Too. Pragmatists Are Somewhat Price-Sensitive.

Conservatives Would Rather Not Adopt the New Innovation, but if it is Already Built-in to Something They Already Buy, Then They Will Be More Likely to Use It. Conservatives are Very Price Sensitive.

Skeptics Will Never Adopt the New Innovation.


To Spread a New Innovation, One Must Cross the Chasm Between the Early Adopters and Pragmatists With a ‘Niche‘ and ‘Bowling Pin‘ Strategy.

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