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PHYSICIAN BRANDING: Post Corona Virus Pandemic


By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP©

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In 1987 the magazine Fast Company published an article authored by Tom Peters entitled “The Brand Called You.” Although some individuals may shy away from the concept of self-branding in actuality, many of the online social network sites such as Facebook become media by which we in fact brand ourselves.

In his article, Peter’s stated. “Regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of their own companies: Me Inc. to be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you.”

As a medical practitioner how do you differentiate yourself from others in your specialty and why should a new patient choose your practice above those of the others in the field?

Branding is about finding your big idea and building your identity and game plan around it. The bottom line: if you can’t explain who you are, and the value you bring to your practice in a short sentence or two, you have work to do.

According to Catherine Kaputa, a personal coach she suggests that there are the objective things: your credentials, the schools you went to, your years of experience, and your skill set, which represent what she refers to as hard power. Then there’s soft power: your image and reputation, your visibility in the community, your network of contacts, supporters and mentors. In today’s competitive marketplace, soft power plays a vital role in attracting people to you and your practice.

Standing Out

Peters suggests that everyone has a chance to stand out. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark. Corporations spend millions of dollars creating and maintaining their distinct brand.

The Olympic Rings are representative of a brand which the International Olympic Committee guards zealously. Professional services firms such as McKinsey, foster self-branding among their employees. Major corporations have as employees those individuals who are smart, motivated and talented. Self-branding allows the employees to differentiate themselves from their peers. For one to engage in self-branding is first necessary to ask the question,

What is it that my practice does that makes it different?”

You can begin by identifying the qualities or characteristics that make you distinctive from your competitors-or your colleagues.

What have you done lately-this week-to make yourself stand out? What would your colleagues say is your greatest and clearest strength?

What would they say is your most noteworthy personal trait? As a practitioner does your customer get dependable, reliable service that meets his or her strategic needs?

In addition, ask yourself: “what do I do that adds remarkable, measurable, distinguished distinctive value.”

Branding For A Medical Practice & It's Importance ...

Business Cards

While we are on the topic of mass media look at your business card and check to see if it has a distinctive logo on it. Keep in mind that packaging counts.

Getting and using power, intelligently, responsibly, and powerfully are essential skills for growing your brand. One of the things that attract us to certain brands is the power they project. Power, is largely a matter of perception. If you want people to see you as a powerful brand, act like a credible leader.

Another technique advocated by Peters is developing loyalty among your patients. In addition, you yourself need to be loyal to your colleagues, your staff, patients and to yourself.

Another way in which you can begin to promote yourself is, with a personal visibility campaign; getting yourself on a panel discussion with signing up to make a presentation at a workshop. If you are a medical writer, try writing about the corona pandemic, or contributing a column on a regular basis to your local newspaper. Community newspapers and professional newsletters are always seeking articles to fill the space. Not only does it give you the opportunity to express yourself it also is an excellent means to expose your practice and your capabilities to a mass audience.

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