PODCAST: Medicare Advantage Plans [Insurance Company Goldmine]

Medicare Advantage PART C

Insurance Carriers Want Medicare-For-All to Happen?


By Eric Bricker MD

A Commonwealth Fund Study Found Insurance Carrier Revenue from Medicare Advantage Plans Increase 5X More Than Revenue from Employer Sponsored Health Plans.

In Fact, Government Sources (Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Managed Care, ACA/Obamacare Plans) Make Up More Revenue ($213B) for the 5 Largest Insurance Carriers Than Revenue from Employers ($148B).

Government Payers Are the New Cash Cow for Health Insurance Companies.  
And so, Medicare-Advantage-for-All May Happen … Because Insurance Carriers WANT It to Happen.

PODCAST: A Commonwealth Fund Study Found Insurance Carrier Revenue from Medicare Advantage Plans Increased 5X More Than Revenue from Employer Sponsored Health Plans.

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  1. M-4-A

    Medicare for All?



  2. M/C Part C

    I love that this video is two and a half minutes long and pretty much paints a perfect picture of what is wrong with more government interference as it relates to healthcare.

    Medicare for all is neither Medicare and it’s not for all! This type of thinking is what is destroying the fabric of our country and is making government bigger and more powerful than any time in our history. And bigger and more powerful is not a good thing as it relates to the financial stability of our markets and healthcare providers in our country.

    I cannot think of a single instance in which the government is more efficient than the free market. These politicians that support the Medicare for all initiative are being pretty optimistic about their ability to drive down cost of healthcare and medication. Also, another popular concern stress by several analysts suggest insulating people from cost of care will drive up usage of care. No other developed nation has zero out of pocket cost.

    Our government has to limit healthcare spending to keep costs down. Medical professionals providing care will have less incentive to provide quality care if they’re not being well paid. They may spend less time per patient in order to keep the cost down and they may have less funds for more new life-saving technologies.

    The government focuses on providing basic and emergency health Care but the government programs lead to longer waiting times for elective procedures. The government may also (and this is being seen in other countries already) limit services with a low probability of success and may not cover drugs for more rare conditions.

    I know big government has slowly crept in and taken control over a lot of people’s lives I don’t see this as a positive thing and definitely not leading the market to a better place. People have to take some ownership and responsibility for their own healthcare status and removing all responsibility and that includes financially leads to expecting more for less …. And I think we are approaching the point of diminishing returns.




    Shares of Clover Health Investments Corp. plunged 23.6% Wednesday, after an 85% pop on Tuesday as it also joined the ranks of meme stocks at the center of a speculative frenzy by individual investors.



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