REAL ESTATE Investing for Physicians?


Real Estate and Physicians

What I see in my accounting practice is that significant accumulation in younger physician portfolio growth is not happening as it once did. This is partially because confidence in the equity markets is still not what it was; but that doctors are also looking for better solutions to support their reduced incomes.

For example, I see older doctors with about 25 percent of their wealth in the market, and even in retirement years, do not rely much on that accumulation to live on. Of this 25 percent, about 80 percent is in their retirement plan, as tax breaks for funding are just too good to ignore.

What I do see is that about 50 percent of senior physician wealth is in rental real estate, both in a private residence that has a rental component, and mixed-use properties. It is this that provides a good portion of income in retirement.

So; could I add dialog about real estate as a long term solution for retirement?

Yes, as I believe a real estate concentration in the amount of 5 percent is optimal for a diversified portfolio, but in a very passive way through mutual or index funds that are invested in real estate holdings and not directly owning properties.

Today, as an option, we have the ability to take pension plan assets and transfer marketable securities for rental property to be held inside the plan collecting rents instead of dividends.

Real estate holdings never vary very much, tend to go up modestly, and have preferential tax treatment due to depreciation of the property against income.


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Perry D’Alessio, CPA
[D’Alessio Tocci & Pell LLP]



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