PODCAST: How Financial Advisors Can Achieve Success in the Medical Marketplace 2016-2021 and Beyond!

Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors - Experts

By Vicki Rackner MD

PODCAST LINK: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=vicki+rackner&docid=608036072061497500&mid=08727E5CFAC1C7A88A5A08727E5CFAC1C7A88A5A&view=detail&FORM=VIRE


BEST PRACTICES: https://www.targetingdoctors.com/blog/adopt-physicians-best-practices

MD PANDEMIC CLIENTS: https://www.targetingdoctors.com/

E-MAIL MARKETING: https://medicalexecutivepost.com/2014/11/30/12-email-marketing-tips-for-mds-and-fas/

SELLING DOCTORS: https://medicalexecutivepost.com/2015/05/06/doctors-rethink-selling/

EDITOR’S NOTE: I first met Vicki Rackner MD FACS a few years ago. day. She is the founder of Thriving Doctors.  Vicki calls on her personal experience as a practicing surgeon, clinical faculty member at the University of Washington School of Medicine and serial entrepreneur, to help financial advisors thrive. We appreciate her contributions to the ME-P.

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