Investing and Economics is an Imprecise Science

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BUT … It’s still all about CONSUMERISM!

[By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA MBBS [Hon] CMP]

DEM 2013There is a major variable, dominant in any marketplace that pushes an economy in a forward direction. It is called consumerism.

This became apparent while I was waiting in a doctor colleague’s office one recent afternoon.


The front office receptionist, who appeared to be about 21 years old, was breaking for lunch and her replacement, and appeared not much older, came over to assist.

Realizing the propensity for a long wait, one was taken by the size of waiting room and the number of patients coming in and out of the office. [Americans consume healthcare and a lot of it].

There was another notable peculiarity. The sample prescription bags being carried out the door were no match for the bags under everyone’s eyes, including the doctor’s. The office staff was probably working overtime, if not two jobs, and the doctor was working harder and faster in a managed care / ACA system.



[Consumerism driving the Stock Market]



So they all could afford to buy and voraciously consume for their children and themselves. Americans indeed work longer hours than any other industrialized nation.


Additionally, as women female medical professionals entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers, the stock markets reached an all time high in 2015, even as money was spent at a feverish pace as the Federal Reserve pumped out money in inflammatory fashion.

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3 Responses

  1. Retirement

    Many workplace plans offer at least an S&P 500 or total stock market index fund as a low cost option for buying U.S. stocks.

    But, if your plan doesn’t offer good choices in other asset classes, such as bonds and foreign stocks, diversify elsewhere. Save enough to get the company match.

    Then, fund an IRA, where you can choose which bond funds or foreign funds to go with.



  2. Why Investing Is So Complicated, and How to Make It Simpler

    Consumers are on their own in a complicated world of 20,000 mutual funds, high fees and, sometimes, bad advice.



  3. China,

    After expanding at a rapid pace for decades, economic growth in China has been slowing. In part, the slowdown reflects policymakers’ efforts to reorient the economy away from its heavy reliance on manufacturing and exports and toward greater domestic consumption.

    However, weaker-than-expected data and a surprise move to depreciate the currency in the second half of August sparked investors’ concern about the Chinese government’s ability to guide the economy to a roughly 7% growth rate, considered to be a soft landing.



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