Advisor’s Checklist for Physicians Seeking Insurance

Background, Education, and Certifications

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™


The following are sample questions and information gathered for Professional Liability Coverage

The Checklist

**Medical specialty information by percentage of practice.

**Information on medical education, including information on medical school, internship information, residency information, and fellowship information, if any.

**Information on medical experience, including information on military discharge (DD214), public health service, moonlighting, ‘locum tenens’, and private practice information. Have dates and locations available. Other information includes:

  • Information on completed continuing education hours in the past two years.
  • Publications, speeches, instruction, etc.
  • Information on medical licenses, including state, license number, expiration dates, and current status.
  • Information on board certifications.
  • The above information may be contained in a Curriculum Vita, if you have one.
  • On an “as applicable” basis:
  • Complete details including dates and outcomes of any board certification revocations or suspensions, license revocations or suspensions, alcohol or drug addictions and treatments, criminal or sexual misconduct charges, or Medicare or Medicaid charges.
  • Previous Insurance Information
  • Insurance history, including the name, policy number, whether the coverage form was occurrence or claims made, policy period, limits of liability, deductible amount, and prior acts date, for your current carrier, and your first, second, third, and fourth prior carrier, if applicable.
  • Information on any insurance company cancellations or non-renewals.
  • If your current policy is a claims-made policy, whether you are obtaining tail coverage from your current insurance company.
  • Copies of prior policies, if available.

Current Medical Practice Information

  • Information on supervision and employment of residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, nurse midwives and other physicians;
  • Information on networks or managed care organizations associated with (IPA, PHO, MSO, etc.), including group name, type of organization, and relationship;
  • Information on other contractual relationships other than PPOs, HMOs, IPA, etc;
  • Full information on all hospital privileges, including hospital name, location, and type of privilege.
  • Information on any suspension, denial, revocation, restriction, or other sanctioning of hospital privileges.

Classification and Specialty Identification

Full information on procedures performed, including details of surgeries, average number of patients seen weekly, specialty practice areas, etc.

Prior Claims History (if any)

For each claim, patient’s name; date of occurrence; insurance carrier; location of occurrence; date claim was reported; date claim was closed (if applicable); copies of subpoenas, pleadings, or judgments; amount reserved on your behalf; and amount paid on your behalf.  Provide as complete a description of the allegations as possible.


Important Note

This checklist is provided as a guide to assist the Healthcare Professional in gathering the information that insurance companies typically request.  Discuss this checklist with your agent to identify additional information as needed.


The author has been an expert medical witness in both state and federal court. He is also a former licensed insurance agent and certified financial planner.


And so, your thoughts and comments on this Medical Executive-Post are appreciated.

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