Teaching Bedside Manners

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Notes on Learning Ethics and Compassion

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According to a report cited by the New York Times, January 29th 2009, the journal Academic Medicine [AM] published its findings on medical ethics and professional compassion in the academic teaching environment.

Traditional [Last-Gen] Mindset

Unfortunately, it often seems a negative truism that good doctor bedside manner is something you are born with, rather than a learned behavior.  Think Gregory House; MD.

The Academic Medicine Report

However, a new study published in this month’s issue of Academic Medicine seems to prove that effort does matter, and that compassionate learning is possible. Even established physicians and clinicians can be re-inspired to adopt new humanistic skills, becoming better teachers and role models in the process.


Will increased transparency in medicine and emerging collaborative health 2.0 initiatives change this traditional point-of-view?


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About the AHCJ

Advancing Public Understanding of Healthcare Issues

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According to its website, the Association of Health Care Journalists [AHCJ] is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public understanding of health care issues. 

Currently, there are more than 1,000 members in the AHCJ www.HealthJournalism.org


The idea for an Association of Health Care Journalists was born at a conference of health care reporters in Bloomington, Ind., in March of 1997. As it happened, several journalists, who had felt the need for such a group, crossed paths at that conference, which was sponsored by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. J. Duncan Moore, a reporter for Modern Healthcare magazine, and Melinda Voss, then a health reporter for the Des Moines Register, organized the initial meeting.


The mission of the Association of Health Care Journalists is to improve the quality, accuracy and visibility of health care reporting, writing and editing. AHCJ is classified as a 501(c) (6), a nonprofit professional trade association.


  1. To support the highest standards of reporting, writing, editing, and broadcasting in health care journalism for the general public and trade publications.
  2. To develop a strong and vibrant community of journalists concerned with all forms of health care journalism.
  3. To raise the stature of health care journalism in newsrooms, the industry, and the public, as a whole.
  4. To promote understanding between journalists and sources of news about how each can best serve the public.
  5. To advocate for the free flow of information to the public.
  6. To advocate for the improvement of professional development opportunities for journalists who cover any aspect of health and health care.


For membership and contact information:

Association of Health Care Journalists
Missouri School of Journalism
10 Neff Hall –
Columbia, MO 65211 USA


And so, your thoughts and comments on this Medical Executive-Post are appreciated. Do we need more journalists reporting on the status of the healthcare industrial complex; or do we need real subject matter experts? Nevertheless, we are supporters of healthcare journalistic transparency.

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