ASPEN DENTAL: Cyber Attack with Data Breach

By Darrell Pruitt DDS



Aspen Dental has been hit by a cyber attack.  Aspen has over a thousand dental offices across the nation, and even though their official website says there are no signs of patient information being compromised, the American Dental Association is calling it a “breach,” since the attack involved ransomware.

If Aspen Practices each maintain dental records on 10,000 patients, and there are over a thousand Aspen locations, that would mean more than 10 million patients’ records were potentially breached. Texas has 58 Aspen locations – second only to Florida which has 124. (There are three Aspen locations near me in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex).

Last of all, history has shown that businesses which suffer one ransomware attack are likely to be targeted a second or even third time. It never ends. And then there are the HIPAA violations and remediation … This is bad for Aspen Dental.




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