PRESS RELEASE: DR. Kent Mercado JD for Congress

May 13, 2023
Contact: Nick Maddux

Dr. Kent Mercado Launches Campaign for IL-11

NEWS FLASH: NAPERVILE, I L- Ready to bring new ideas and unique perspectives to Congress, Dr. Kent Mercado is officially launching his campaign for Illinois’s 11th. Congressional District.

“Overall, I feel I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my work. I am a true leader in my fields and have consistently demonstrated my commitment to improving the lives of those I serve.” Dr. Mercado has an extensive professional background as a surgeon and attorney and always seeks to better the lives of those around him. He is also an accomplished leader in healthcare management, governmental affairs and international medical missions.

While acting as the Medical and Executive Director of Medical Missions, Dr. Mercado worked with several government agencies to enhance non-profit organizations through fundraising and program management. He was instrumental in procuring medical and surgical supplies for the medical missions in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and other countries. Dr. Mercado also sent over one million dollars’ worth of supplies to help the victims of Haiti’s massive earthquakes. Dr. Mercado has served and provided aid to those in need all around the globe and is now ready to focus his efforts on serving his neighbors in District 11.

Dr. Mercado supports pro-growth economic environments where businesses and workers of all levels can thrive with minimal government intrusion, which means lower taxes, deregulation and encouraging innovation in all industries. Dr. Mercado believes that we must maintain border security while welcoming with open arms immigrants who come into this great country legally. “We need to emphasize the value of safe and secure borders, as well as the need for legal immigration, because a country without borders is no country at all.” He is also a strong supporter of giving families the freedom to choose the very best education for their children and helping every American receive quality and affordable healthcare.

Dr. Mercado is ready to use his areas of professional expertise and his passion for helping people to provide the residents of District 11 with a congressman who listens, acts and fights for what they need. Dr. Mercado states on his campaign website, “I am confident that I can leverage my decades of expertise to effectively progress major legislative initiatives that will benefit my constituents.” Dr. Mercado will bring positive change to the district by mixing his experience and passions to benefit his community.

For more information on Dr. Mercado  and his plans for Illinois District 11, please visit his website.




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