ICD-10 Deadline Delay Achieved

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Two-Year Postponement Announced

[By Staff Reporters]

The Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS] just released the final rule for implementing the ICD-10 [International Classification of Diseases] CM [Clinical Modification] and ICD10-PCS [Procedure Coding System] insurance coding initiatives.

The Delay

The compliance deadline was shifted from October 1, 2011; as proposed in the original rule; to October 1, 2013.

What it is?

The ICD provides codes to classify diseases and a wide variety of signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or disease. Every health condition can be assigned to a unique category and given a code, up to six characters long. Such categories can include a set of similar diseases.


The proposed rule was issued last August and presented for public comments.


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Product Details

[Un] Predictable HIM Behavior

Predictable Reaction – Unknown Results

By Darrell K. Pruitt; DDSpruitt8

I posted this on the PennWell forum, and notified Lisa A. Algeo, editor of Advance for Health Information Professionals website, that I intend to adjust her reputation. 


A few weeks ago, on December 15, when I posted “Itching to Start Something in HIM’s neighborhood,” I think we all suspected that my Advance website project would not end well for Advance. 


This is how I closed the initial comment of the doomed conversation:  “If I get any action, I’ll post it here on this thread. If there are no responses from the stakeholders, we’ll have some fun with the website itself.”

Time to Have Fun 

You knew it would happen. I consider it my civic duty to make an example of the Advance website and its archaic, slow-moving editorial policies.  I intend to make it clear to impressionable good ol’ boys that these days, customers should never be taken for granted.  Any one of us can reach out and grab you.  And now, the time has come to publicly adjust the reputation of an editor to show you how it is done.

Advance for Health Information Professionals

It looks like the information management specialists at the Advance for Health Information Professionals website cannot manage this provider’s information. That is regrettable, but it is as predictable as human nature in the absence of competition. The leaders of the Advance website, which caters to healthcare IT vendors, forgot that providers like me are the market.  That is a predictable poor business habit that reliably develops when there is lack of accountability in the marketplace.  It was this mentality produced the 1975 East-German Trabant automobile – the worst car ever.  Four years later, similar market protectionism in the US spawned the 1979 Ford Pinto – the second worst car ever.  Now we have eMRs that are so poor that they require Medicare kick-backs to entice doctors to even try them. 

History to Decide

In a few years, history could easily show that value and safety in healthcare didn’t matter as much to the Obama administration as preserving American jobs in the healthcare IT industry. That would be a harmful and avoidable waste.  As far as I can tell, it is up to me to stop healthcare IT before it gets to dentistry, any way I can.  If it becomes entertainment, so be it. Up until today, I had been graciously allowed to post occasional comments following the inviting Advance article “Help Write the History of HIM (Health Information Management).”  (no byline)


Medical Executive-Post

Over the last month, I provided the website some of my best (polite) work.  Versions of the several of the pieces I posted on the Advance website went on to become fairly popular with Medical Executive-Post’s audience.


Creative Disagreements 

Even though I was admittedly looking for a [polite] fight going into this adventure, I still thought there was a chance that information professionals, of all people, would be interested in an accurate history of HIM – including the perspective of a provider who is on the business end of their expensive and dangerous products.  As incredible as it sounds, it turns out that some information professionals don’t want truth at all. Creative history is not beyond the ethics of this type of ambitious, mandate-hugging collection of entrepreneurs.

Many of you who should know better; still cite a widely discredited 2005 Rand study that estimates that $77 billion will be saved in healthcare if providers will just go ahead and purchase expensive IT products. It makes no difference to this crowd that the study – funded by healthcare IT interests – was transparently one sided in favor of those who purchased the results as a business investment.

Advance Editor Responds 

Yesterday, shortly after submitting “Will Pawlenty drive dentistry out of Minnesota?” to the Advance website, I received the following email from Lisa A. Algeo, editor of Advance for Health Information Professionals (except dentists).

Hi Mr. Pruitt;

“I’m going to stop posting your comments, as they really aren’t relevant toward the article you’re posting on. Our audience does not consist of dentists.”


Lisa A. Algeo




It is my opinion that Lisa A. Algeo and Advance for Health Information Professionals are irrelevant.  Now let’s see if I can make my opinion stick on Google, just like I did for another Advance contributor, Mark Rempe, vice president of Iron Mountain Health Information Services. 

Reference: (See “Bad move, Mark Rempe”) http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/forum/topics/itching-to-start-something-in?page=1&commentId=2013420%3AComment%3A22893&x=1#2013420Comment22893

Or; just googlesearch his name – my comment will return to his first page soon. Information is the product and digitalization the tool. Not the other way around. 


And so, your thoughts and comments on this Medical Executive-Post are appreciated. Was this predictable HIM behavior from Advance? 

Note: Dr. Pruitt blogs at PenWell and others sites, where this post first appeared.

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