PODCAST: How are Hospitals Doing after the Pandemic?

The Pandemic is Ending?

How Are Hospitals Doing?

Interview with Brian Peters 

Rich Helppie brings back Brian Peters, the CEO of The Michigan Health and Hospital Association to talk about the current state of Covid-19; what we may have gotten right, what we may have gotten wrong and how to move forward.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I first met Rich in B-school, when I was a student, back in the day. He was the Founder and CEO of Superior Consultant Holdings Corp. Rich graciously wrote the Foreword to one of my first textbooks on financial planning for physicians and healthcare professionals. Today, Rich is a successful entrepreneur in the technology, health and finance space.
-Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA CMP®


PODCAST: https://richardhelppie.com/brian-peters/

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