WOODSTOCK for Capitalists


By Staff Reporters



“Woodstock for Capitalists” is happening today

Warren Buffett will preside over Berkshire Hathaway’s 59th annual shareholders meeting today—an event expected to draw a large crowd to Omaha, Nebraska. Everyone will be watching to see what Buffett has to say about the economy, the state of the banking sector, his big bet on Apple, and his struggling “favorite child,”

Geico. Shareholders will also vote on six proposals on climate change, political advocacy, and the firm’s leadership, all of which Buffett opposes.

Agenda: https://www.good-investing.net/event/berkshire-hathaway-annual-shareholders-meeting-2023/#:~:text=The%20Berkshire%20Hathaway%20Annual%20Shareholders%20Meeting%202023%20takes,Shareholder%20Meeting%202023%2C%20including%20the%20Exhibition%20Hall%2C%20open.



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