INTEL: Raises Alarm for the Computer Micro-Chip Industry


By Staff Reporters



Due to a lack of demand for chips and a slowdown in its data processing center business, Intel just reported its worst financial results since the dot-com bubble popped at the turn of the century. Though the stock only ended up falling 6.4% by the time the market closed yesterday, Wall Street definitely took notice of the company’s troubles.


And so, twenty-one analysts slashed what they thought it was worth, and many did not hold back in describing the chip maker’s fall. “No words can portray or explain the historic collapse of Intel,” one said according to Bloomberg.


Samsung Electronics Co., however, made a surprisingly aggressive decision to keep capital spending at the same level as last year, defying expectations it would go along with rivals in pulling back to alleviate pressure on an already-battered semiconductor industry. The result will be more pressure on chip pricing than if the Korean giant had pulled back spending on new machinery and factory capacity.





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  1. Intel has had a great year, but they are in trouble now.
    thank you, great post

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