What is it and How Does it Work?

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Did you know that Medicare Plan G is the most popular Medicare Supplement with Baby Boomer clients? Everyone has heard of Plan F, but what is Medicare Supplement Plan G? What does Plan G cover?

Medicare Plan G coverage is very similar to Plan F, which is no longer available for people new to Medicare on or after January 1st, 2020. Plan G offers great value for beneficiaries willing to pay a small annual deductible. After that, Plan G provides full coverage for all of the gaps in Medicare. It pays for your Medicare Part A hospital deductible, co-pays, and coinsurance. It also covers the 20% that Medicare Part B doesn’t cover. Doctors and other healthcare providers must accept a Medigap Plan G if they accept Original Medicare. Plan G policies can be used across the U.S. since they do not have network limitations, and the premium costs can be very reasonable for the coverage you receive.

As you can see below, Supplement Plan G covers almost everything that F does, except for the Part B deductible.



Medicare Plan G, also called Medigap Plan G, is an increasingly popular Supplement


First, Plan G covers each of the gaps in Medicare except for the annual Part B deductible. This deductible is only $226 in 2023. In fact, if you have a Plan F that has been in place for years, it can probably help you on premiums by looking at Plan G. When you shop for benefits, you can often find a Supplement Plan G that saves quite a bit in premiums over Plan F, usually substantially more than the $226 deductible that you’ll pay out.

Second, it has great coverage. For hospital stays, it covers all your hospital expenses. Most importantly, it pays the hospital deductible, which is over $1,600 in 2023. It also covers the expensive daily co-pays that you might encounter for a hospital stay that runs longer than 60 days. It provides an additional 365 days in the hospital after your Medicare benefits run out, and it covers your skilled nursing facility co-insurance, too.

What Other Medical Services Does Plan G Cover?

Medicare Supplement Plan G covers your percentage of any medical benefit that Original Medicare covers, except for the outpatient deductible. So, it helps to pay for inpatient hospital costs, such as the first three pints of blood, skilled nursing facility care, and hospice care. It also covers outpatient medical services such as doctor visits, lab work, diabetes supplies, cancer treatment, durable medical equipment, x-rays, ambulance, surgeries and much more. This means Plan G covers the coverage gaps with Original Medicare and all Plan G products must provide you with the exact same coverage.

Medicare pays first, then Plan G pays the remaining amount after you pay the once annual deductible. In addition, Plan G Medicare Supplements offer up to $50,000 in foreign travel emergency benefits (up to plan limits).

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