DIGITAL SECURITY and the American Dental Association [ADA]

By Darrell K. Pruitt DDS

Digital security and the ADA

I wrote the following letter four years ago today. Neither The Digital Dental Record nor its sponsor, The American Dental Association, responded. In fact, a few years later, The Digital Dental Record was predictably hacked and more than 500 dentists, including many ADA members, were victims of a breach of the ADA’s favored digital record system. The ADA is still silent, but they did however, terminate their business relationship with The Digital Dental Record.

Dear The Digital Dental Record,

Thanks for your response on Linkedin to my concerns about the security of EHRs compared to paper. To be honest with you, I’m pleasantly surprised. Contrary to the norm of what I consider an open and free market, very few vendors in the dental IT industry seem willing to openly discuss the dangers or cost of software they hope to sell to dentists – who obviously don’t ask the right questions. That is why I respectfully decline your offer of a private telephone conversation.

You know my name is Darrell Pruitt because it heads my post. I never hide it. Whoever you are, you should probably show potential customers the respect of accountability through transparency. After all, The Digital Dental Record is the only EHR system endorsed by the ADA. I hope that still stands for something of value.    

If you have any non-anecdotal evidence on which you base your bold claim that DDS Safe R2 is more secure than paper dental records, please share it. I’ll be transparent:  Nobody believes you. Then again, maybe “Luddites” who question the security of digital records are simply wrong. Here’s your chance to show the nation why the ADA chose to endorse The Digital Dental Record above all other electronic dental record systems.

D. Kellus Pruitt DDS



Thank You




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