TWO SKILLS: Physician Programmers Need to Know

By Joel Comm



Machine Learning

The global machine learning market was valued at $15.44 billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow to $209 billion by 2029. Machine Learning is a technology that has grown in popularity over the past years, especially driven by the success of companies like Google in the field of AI.

This success is also in big part due to the technology becoming more accessible to the masses. Take OpenAI’s AI image generator, DALL-E, as an example: Since DALL-E Mini went public, it has been given uses ranging from making memes to artwork worth the attention of The New Yorker.

Gone are the days in which machine learning was only accessible to researchers in top-notch institutions. Today, machine learning can be mastered all around the globe in official institutions, online education platforms, and even via comics.

Web3 / Blockchain Development

Whether you are invested in crypto and NFTs or not, the Metaverse is being built, and it promises to turn centralized, corporate-controlled Web2 on its head. The world of computer users–that’s pretty much all of us–has, for years, grown increasingly frustrated by having to operate under the oversight of a few monoliths.

The promise of Web3 is community–not corporation–first.

Innovators in the space like Proof of Learn are developing easily accessible educational platforms where Web2 pros and the tech-interested can learn to code in Web3, in a learn and earn model. The company’s first project is a lore-rich online academy called, drawing in gamers and developers, and attracting some serious backing from leading VCs and crypto investors. Fellow industry leaders, such as Solana, Flow, Avalanche, and Polygon Foundations, recently gave $4.5 million in grant funding to support Metacrafters’ mission of upskilling Web2 developers. This grant helps fund their learn and earn protocol, so you get to take courses in a game world and get paid for it. might be one with this learn and earn model teaching coding skills, but it is in line to inspire more of its kind. Look around at the landscape of Web3 education and get cracking, because the Metaverse will be here sooner than expected, and developers will be the major players in it.




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