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  1. Biometric Screening Programs: Small versus Large Employers

    Smaller firms (50 to 199 employees) and larger firms (200 or more employees) offering a biometric screening opportunity both this year and last year were asked about changes that they have made to their programs since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • 3% of smaller firms and 5% of larger firms reduced or eliminated incentives for completing the screening.
    • 13% of smaller firms and 23% of larger firms permitted screenings to be completed by a broader set of providers.
    • 5% of smaller firms and 15% of larger firms reduced the stringency of screening requirements.
    • 19% of smaller firms and 18% of larger firms arranged for biometric screenings to be performed on a digital platform.
    • 3% of smaller firms and 5% of larger firms suspended or eliminated the program for at least some workers.

    Source: KFF, “2021 Employer Health Benefits Survey,” November 10, 2021


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