UPDATE: Stock Market and Retail Banks



Stock Markets: Stocks ticked higher as investors zeroed in on Senate testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who is up for a second term. Powell said the Fed would do what’s necessary to get inflation back to normal levels.

Banks: Bank of America decided to make life a little less difficult for account holders without piles of cash. The bank—America’s second largest—announced on Tuesday that it would reduce overdraft fees by around 70%, from $35 to $10. BofA is also scrapping a $12 non-sufficient funds fee (for bouncing a check or making an automated overdraft) and will eliminate transfer fees for its overdraft protection service.The decision comes on the recently shined heels of similar moves by other large banks.

  • Capital One announced last month that it was eliminating overdraft fees altogether.
  • In August, JPMorgan increased its charge-incurring overdraft amount to $50 (it was previously $5).
  • PNC Bank introduced a 24-hour grace period on overdraft penalties.



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