An Open Letter to the ME-P from Alfredo Morabia, MD, PhD


Dear Dr. David Marcinko, 

With warm wishes for a joyful holiday, we are please to announce that the layout of AJPH is almost back on schedule, following COVID-19 related impacts to our production team. To keep these monthly highlight emails synched, we are going to highlight articles in two issues of AJPH
The December issue of AJPH features multiple articles focused on surveillance, surveys and COVID-19, along with articles discussing physical and mental health of home health care workers, racial and ethnic disparities in the impact of COVID-19 in the active U.S. military and firearm injury & gun violence.   Here are a few of the many articles in the December 2021 issue:  
Reaffirming the Foundations of Public Health in a Time of Pandemic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Public Health Surveillance and Survey Data Collections in the United StatesNational Health Interview Survey, COVID-19, and Online Data Collection Platforms: Adaptations, Tradeoffs, and New DirectionsPrevalence and Predictors of Home Health Care Workers’ General, Physical, and Mental Health: Findings From the 2014‒2018 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemOral Histories of Civic Action to Address HIV/AIDS

The mission of AJPH is to advance public health research, policy, practice and education. Toward that goal, the journal also produces monthly podcasts available in English and Chinese at The monthly podcasts are also on iTunes and Google Play.
Be on the lookout for more timely research from AJPH, and consider subscribing or becoming an APHA member for full access.
AJPH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are seeking papers for an issue on “Ubiquitous Lead: Risks, Prevention-Mitigation Programs and Emerging Sources of Exposure.” Manuscripts must be submitted to AJPH by Jan. 30. For additional information about the supplement, contact T. LeBlanc.
Happy Holidays!

Alfredo Morabia, MD, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, AJPH


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Thank You

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