PODCAST: The Domestic Opioid Epidemic


By NIHCM Foundation

The opioid epidemic continues to devastate communities, with provisional data showing overdose death rates rising during the pandemic. Isolation and economic upheaval, as well as hindered access to treatment options and support systems, have increased the risk of addiction and relapse. These new pressures exist along with the stigma that often prevents people from receiving care for substance use disorder (SUD) and the ongoing need to adopt harm reduction strategies.

Speakers Discuss:

  • The latest federal priorities for addressing the overdose and addiction epidemic, including a focus on harm reduction efforts and ensuring racial equity in drug policy
  • Strategies for state agencies to meet existing and increasing SUD treatment needs
  • A health plan’s innovative approaches to expand SUD care through an in-home addiction treatment program and recovery coaches

Opioid use in Larimer County continues as drug becomes ...

ASSESSMENT: And so, this podcast / webinar further explores solutions to reduce overdose rates, with a focus on efforts to expand access to evidence-based recovery programs after the corona virus pandemic.

PODCAST / WEBINAR HERE: https://nihcm.org/publications/addressing-the-growing-overdose-and-addiction-epidemic?utm_source=NIHCM+Foundation&utm_campaign=f78ae3a137-05242021_Webinar_Archive&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f88de9846-f78ae3a137-167744768

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