PODCAST: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Today

Transforming Health care ETHICALLY

By Stanford Online

[Drs. Serena Yeung and Matthew Lungreen]

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform healthcare, driving innovations, efficiencies, and improvements in patient care.

WHITE-PAPER LINK: https://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/jsr-17-task-002_aiforhealthandhealthcare12122017.pdf

But, this powerful technology also comes with a unique set of ethical and safety challenges.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Dictionary-Health-Information-Technology-Security/dp/0826149952/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254413315&sr=1-5

So, how can AI be integrated into healthcare in a way that maximizes its potential while also protecting patient safety and privacy? 

In this session faculty from the Stanford AI in Healthcare specialization discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing AI into the clinic, safely and ethically, as well as its impact on the doctor-patient relationship.

They also outline a framework for analyzing the utility of machine learning models in healthcare and will describe how the US healthcare system impacts strategies for acquiring data to power machine learning algorithms.

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3 Responses

    Richard Helppie
    via Ann Miller RN MHA



    Machines beat humans at chess. Machines can pilot airplanes to land at O’Hare airport in Chicago, or on the planet Mars. There is now a machine that beats the best of us at Jeopardy. Many predict that an Artificial Intelligent [AI] medical clinician is ten years away.

    And, few will use a biological doctor in twenty five years. Then, the singularity! So, if you think ROBO-MDs won’t impact patients and the industry … think again!



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