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To keep up with the ever-changing healthcare industrial complex, we must learn new definitions and re-learn old terminology in order to correctly apply it to practice. By aggregating the most up-to-date abbreviations, acronyms, definitions and terms, the Health Dictionary Series offers a wealth of information to help understand the ever-changing terms-of-art in healthcare today.

Each 10,000 item handbook is essential for doctors, nurses, benefits managers, financial advisors/planners, and insurance agents, CPAs, and administrators; as well as graduate and under graduate students and professors. Our goal to for each dictionary to be designated as a Doody’s Core Title.

Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care

With more than 10,000 definitions, 4,000 abbreviations and acronyms, and a 3,000 item oeuvre of resources, readings, and nomenclature derivatives, this dictionary covers the Medicare, managed care and Medicaid, private insurance, Veteran’s Administration and PP-ACA language of the entire health and long-term care insurance sector.

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Dictionary of Health Economics and Finance

Health economics and finance is an integral component of the health care industrial complex. Its language is a diverse and broad-based concept covering many other industries: accounting, mathematics, the actuarial sciences, stochastics and statistics, salary reimbursements, physician payments, compensation and forecasting are all commingled arenas.

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Dictionary of Health Information Technology Security

There is a myth that all healthcare stakeholders understand the meaning of information technology jargon. In truth, the vernacular of contemporary systems is unique, and often misused or misunderstood. Moreover, emerging Heath Information Technology (HIT) thru the HITECG initiatives; in the guise of terms, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations and standards; often puts the non-expert in a position of maximum uncertainty and minimum productivity.

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    Why You’re Probably Using the Wrong [Medical] Dictionary [er…ah…Tchotchkes?]

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